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AssuraHoney Masterton family business – tasty clover honey for sale

Six of us teenage boys from two Masterton families have clover honey for sale at the Wairarapa Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning (http://waifarmersmarket.org.nz/) and at special events such as the Rathkeale College Christmas Fete in November each year (https://www.rathkeale.school.nz/christmasfete/).

And this is not just any old clover honey for sale; it’s 100% pure pastoral floral clover honey, which is homegrown in rural Masterton. We move the hives about on our farm to ensure our bees can forage well all year round. As a result, this tasty clover honey is out of the box! It has the right mix of pastoral sweet and multi-floral flavour. It’s a buzz getting feedback from our happy tasters and AssuraHoney clients.  

AssuraHoney pricing

We’ve sorted out a few options in this honey-selling business to make it easy for you and for your family and friends to buy this homegrown pastoral floral clover honey:

  1. 1L family pack for $20.
  2. 250g pottle for $7.
  3. 3 x 250g pottles for $20.

AssuraHoney packaging for personal use or individual gifts

The $20 Clover Honey options look great packaged in our AssuraHoney logo’d tissue and handy paper bags.

For particularly significant personal gifts we can provide unique packaging options too, such as a little wooden crate or a basket (which you could add other items to). Check out our stall at the Rathkeale College Christmas Fete on 9th November 2019, where we’ll have a few options available.

AssuraHoney for paddock to plate corporate gifts

AssuraHoney’s Clover Honey is available as corporate gifts. We can be flexible around packaging so, if you’d like to add your own company logo to the containers or packaging, we’re happy to oblige. There’s nothing like giving away a homegrown family-business product that provides a local and genuine paddock to plate experience.

AssuraHoney tips on why honey crystallization is a good thing

We’ve been asked why honey doesn’t always stay liquid like it is in the photo and whether crystallization means it’s gone off. We particularly like the explanation on this website https://www.powerblanket.com/b...

AssuraHoney tips on easy ways to de-crystallize honey

We find the easiest way to de-crystallize honey is to spread it on hot toast, add it to your baking or mix it in with your hot roast veges.  Or dip your spoon in boiling water, dry the spoon well, scoop out some clover honey and eat it directly (don’t burn your mouth!).

Just enjoy it!

AssuraHoney’s homegrown rugged hard-yakka: bees & boys and their common ground

We’re in this homegrown honey-selling business to contribute towards our uni and study fees. Some of us are already at Otago University and Canterbury University or doing an apprenticeship; and others have still got a year or two at Rathkeale College.

We’ve played rugby for years and have spent hours travelling great distances; from Otago to Auckland and just about everywhere in between.

This means we have a healthy respect for the hard yards, travelling distances and teamwork that enable bees to produce such an outstanding result . . . especially our pastoral floral honey with a clover base.   

This ‘hard-yakka’ and ‘going the distance’ is fundamental to how we’ve built up AssuraHoney before being in a position to sell clover honey.

Since 2016 we’ve learnt how to build up and maintain our hives, work long hours (often at night when the bees are quiet) and find sunny, protected and nutritious locations so our bees can bring this tasty 100% pure homegrown product to our family, friends, rugby mates, farming families and wider Masterton community contacts.

Of course, any long-term sustainable producer business must also tick all the regulatory boxes. We’re registered to sell clover honey and we’ve learnt a lot during this process to ensure the 100% pure honey that’s extracted stays that way before you spread it on your toast, add it to your muffins or mix up a special dressing on your roast veges (combine a bit of honey, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and rock salt . . . yum).

Harry Eschenbach
Harry Eschenbach

Jack Eschenbach
Jack Eschenbach

Freddie Eschenbach
Freddie Eschenbach

George Eschenbach
George Eschenbach

Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams

George Hargood
George Hargood

Voluntary helper and good mate!

AssuraHoney: where to find us in Masterton

Find AssuraHoney at: Farmers’ Market Masterton (http://waifarmersmarket.org.nz/)and on Saturday 9am-1pm from 21 September 2019

Email: jane@assura.co.nz (Mum’s covering our email bases while we’re at school).

Phone/Text: 0274-579-480

Facebook: AssuraHoney

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